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"Although I Suffer, I Will Prevail"
Utilizing the three step program of equip, empower, and employ through your support we are able to not only redirect but also reinsert valuable assets from a national to an international approach. It begins with planting a seed within our community, training others to join us in watering that seed, then together working the harvest for Christ. 
A growing number of individuals are desiring a change in their lives, yet don't know where to turn. We provide direction and a renewed purpose for life.

We utilize a three step program:
     EQUIP   |    EMPOWER   |    EMPLOY

  • Homeless (est. 14,000 in Georgia alone 2015)
  • Addicts
  • Abused Veterans (est. 50,000 homeless in U.S. 2014)
We're Committed to Helping You
Founder Tim Brumit
EST. 2016

  • Untreated PTSD 
  • Disabled
  • Lost (Spiritually)
  • Youth